Welcome to Yukon Driving Academy

Yukon Driving Academy is a locally owned company by a long time Yukon resident. YDA takes pride in teaching young, new and all Yukoners to be safe and defensive drivers. All our cars are equipped with specialized brake peddles for extra safety and we carry all the proper insurances. We can also provide lessons in both English and French. We hold membership with the Canada Safety Council.

Maybe you have been searching for a reliable driving school in Whitehorse, because you would like to have the confidence to enjoy driving. Or, maybe you have a driving test coming up soon and you would like to pass it with flying colors. We truly want you to be successful in passing your road test so you can get your driver's license. We focus on making sure all our drivers have real skills and knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

Our Mission

We provide instruction in being safe and defensive driving so everybody can get home at the end of their day.  Being a long time Yukoner and having a family that uses the roads, we want to ensure everybody is safe.


Meet Our Instructors

At Yukon Driving school you will receive professional, trained and certified instruction from our friendly instructors, Scott Boone and Nick Thivierge.

Scott was professionally trained by Safety Services Nova Scotia to be a driving instructor in 2010. After teaching for 2 years in central Nova Scotia, his family moved back to the Yukon in 2012. He worked in for Mainstreet up until 2019. In January 2020 Yukon Driving Academy came into operation. Scott has a love of driving and takes pride in seeing his students succeed in passing their road test and start their safe driving career wants to see the roads used in a safe and defensive way.


Nick comes to Yukon Driving Academy with experience teaching in Vancouver British Columbia. After being trained and certified by Young Drivers of Canada, Nick made the move to Whitehorse. Nick joined the team in March of 2021. Nick comes with great experience teaching big city driving. Nick can also provide lessons in French.


A teenage boy taking a driving test with the instructor.

You will be able to get your driver's license more quickly when you learn how to drive well with our reputable driving school in Whitehorse. We believe that selecting a good driving school is of supreme importance for safe driving. In addition, we have seen that many people who go through our driving school also tend to get better insurance rates. This is because insurance companies can trust the drivers we teach so much more than those who have only had casual lessons. You will be pleased to know that all driving instructors in Whitehorse, under our employ, are professionally trained, accredited and insured. Today is the day to book your next driving lessons! Are you eager to get your driver's license and be on the road?